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* Do you know what the web redirect record is?

Suggested article: Web redirect record

The Web Redirect Record (HTTP forward) is the right tool to use when you temporarily or permanently move an URL. Your visitors will receive the WR record, and their browser will point them to the new URL.

Depending on the need, there are two Web Redirect variations:

  • 301 redirect (forever redirect). The purpose of the 301 redirect is to announce that one link has permanently moved to a new place, and the previous URL must be forgotten.
  • 302 redirect (just for a while redirect). The purpose of the 302 redirect is not to leave your visitors hanging with the 404 page not found and indicates that the URL will be back in the future.
  • Frame redirect. Open the new URL in the frame of the domain. The visitor might not even understand where the new URL is.

Use the web redirects to help orientate and direct your visitors and keep their position on the search engines. If you are curious to know more about them, check this article!